Winter Decor for Indian Homes

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When it comes to winter décor the key is to think of everything that gives you warmth and coziness. Aegam has some interesting choices to recommend to go about setting up your homes and be all winter friendly!

1) Don’t get Cold Feet!


Give your feet all the warmth it needs through some lovely rugs. What better option than to go for a perfect Indian Dhurrie like this, from the Tribal chic Collection of “The Eclectic Room” by Vineetha Naval. Traditional Dhurrie rugs are hand woven by artisans and are very light and foldable, and a rigid texture.

 Source: “The Eclectic Room” by Vineetha Naval

2) You need to be on a “Hot Seat!”


Set up a warm and cozy nook for you to curl up and read your favorite novel or just sip some hot chai; the best ways to spend the lovely winter evenings and super cold mornings!

 Source: Beautiful custom chairs from The Pink Chair by Komal Sandhu

3) Let there be light!


Don’t let the winter gloominess make you feel dull, light up your space with candles, tealights and lanterns. It gives a visual sense of absolute comfort and warmth.

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Source: Pinterest

4) Layer it up!


Winter often calls for layering up your outfits. AAt home, we love the time spent snuggled in bed, refusing to leave the warmth of the layers of your favorite bed linen. Dress up your bed with duvets, quilts, comforters that would want anyone to just spring into the bed and never leave home. Also add in a whole lot of soft pillows like these from Olie by Amrita Nambiar


 Source: Olie

Wish you all a truly warm holidays, and a very happy New year 2017! 


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