Why do you need well-designed interiors?

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We now live in a world that keeps everyone busy and stressed almost all the time. Many factors contribute to it; extended work hours, financial needs, nuclear families, population, traffic congestion, resource scarcity, this list can go on! Amidst all this chaos and madness every person can find some solace only if the environment they spend time in gives them the much needed comfort – Comfort to the eyes and comfort to the mind! This can only be achieved through a well-designed space.

Have you ever realized how a dark, under-lit room can make you feel dull, lazy or sometimes even depressed? And a fresh patch of greenery can refresh you instantly? The elements that surround us have a huge impact on our moods and the quality of our life.

A work space should have design elements that inspire you to go back to work every day. It should be a place where you feel it helps you focus and promote great new ideas. After all, this is where most of us spend the prime times of our life!

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End of the day, when you head back home you should be able to retire yourself into a space where you could forget all about your work and plunge into a relaxing and heart-warming setting filled with everything that matters to you the most. A huge mansion or  a cozy little apartment,  designing it to reflect your personality, likes and interests will definitely make you say “My home is my heaven!”

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An amazing cook or an amateur? Doesn’t matter, we all crave a beautiful kitchen! Since cooking is something we do day after day, the kitchen should be a space that’s both inspiring and inviting. It’s not just the aesthetics but also how functional the design is, matters! A good work triangle has to be established between the stove, sink and the refrigerator for an efficient and seamless movement. The design also should account for all your storage needs, counter space, appliances, lighting,etc.,


And what about the kids in your house? There is nothing more exciting than providing them a room which caters to all their creativity, fun, learning and a good night sleep! Everyone knows the amount of toys and books that overflow in a kids room. So make sure to add to the design a perfect custom-built storage, a reading nook, cute bed and bedding, play tents, easels and all that fulfills your kid’s needs and dreams.

Kids Room2                         Image Source: Buzzfeed

When you walk into a space, the colors on the wall, the pictures in the frames, the furniture, the rug, and the textiles should all liven up your mood. Interior design is not just placing fake plastic flower vases, painting pink or blue walls for your kid’s room and fitting your kitchen with a modular unit. It’s about designing a fully functional and a welcoming space considering every single element in it and their impact on the people who would live and use the space every day. Well-designed interiors fulfills the needs of the occupants, stays practical, enhances the quality of living and also acts as a medium to express your personality & taste.

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