Indian Wall Decor Trends for 2016

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Recently I was interviewed by Deccan Chronicle for an article on latest Wall decor trends(link).  When asked about how Indians are embracing the trends in Interior design, here is what I had to say.

 “Indian Home Decor space is seeing a dramatic splurge in recent times. Its an interesting space with lots of fun possibilities. Now more and more people are willing to spend on aesthetics and not settle for cookie-cutter homes. They love to indulge in the process of home decoration. They want to create unique interiors that reflects their personality and taste. People who have traveled overseas and lived in different countries like to bring their experience, a piece of the ambiance that they loved elsewhere, into the comfort of their homes back in India”.

So whats trending in wall decor?

Walls play an extremely significant role when it comes to interior design. We suggest our clients to use the walls to convey their point of view, host a travel story, or reflect their artistic flair. Here are some of the examples of how walls space is being used in a completely new dimension.

Gallery Wall:

Create a gallery wall with your personal photos. You can have a family wall, travel story wall, or an antique collection wall:

Wall Decor Trend India                       Wall Decor Trend India_Aegam

 Img Src: EastCoastDesi                                            Img Src: KevinHail

Aegam_Living_Room_Contemporary_Wall Decor Trend India Wall Decor Trend India_Aegam

Image Src: Aegam                                                   Image Src: Awayshewent

As Indians we all love our traditional antiques and the old framed paintings. Here are a couple of stunning ways to display the curated treasures:

Indian Old God photos 2 Wall Decor Trend India Aegam

Image Src: Pinterest

Wall Mural:

Wall murals are yet another beautiful way of adding drama or setting a theme for the space. These can be a commissioned work of an artist or hand-painted by the artist in the house!

Wall Decor Trend India Aegam

Image Src: Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

Wall Decor Trend India Aegam

 Image Src: Armedia Spa


Wallpapers aren’t any new concept, they have been around for decades. But now the wallpapers are making a huge comeback in trendy contemporary patterns as well as intricate and exotic designs.

Wall Decor Trend India Aegam   Wall Decor Trend India Aegam

How about adding some wallpaper to your ceiling? Check this out:

Wall Decor Trend India Aegam

 Image Src: CocoKelly

Stone Cladding:

This is the latest trend in creating interesting focus walls in Home interiors. The stone claddings add a sense of warmth and a natural detail to the space:

Wall Decor Trend India Aegam  Chennai_Interior_Design_Aegam_Wall Decor Trend India
Image Src: pinterest                                                                                   Image Src: Aegam

Walls are your canvas, use it to the fullest to make your home speak your personality! Need our professional help?

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