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I was fortunate to relish in the true beauty of Tuscan decor and architecture during our recent Euro Trip.  We stayed in this beautiful bed and breakfast(Chiesa San Michele) on top of a hill surrounded by vineyards and olive farm in Florence, Italy.  So what makes Tuscan decor so amazing? Take a photo tour of this beautiful house and indulge in the exotic charm of its rustic style:

Exposed Beam Ceiling

I instantly fell in love with the exposed wood beams on the ceiling. The dark wood beams strikingly contrasted the bright orange terracotta ceiling tiles.


While you are admiring the beauty of the ceiling also take a look down the floor.  The parquet stone tiles adds so much authenticity to the style.

Rugged Stone Walls

The living room wall was finished halfway with white plaster and leaving the rest of the stone wall exposed. This adds a natural rustic effect and you could see the brilliant use of bright warm tones of orange that perfectly accentuates the  stones’ natural earthy tones.


Leather sofa, carved solid wood center table and stone tile flooring adorned the sitting area.


Tuscan Kitchen

The humble little kitchen had enough elements in it to create a cozy space to cook and dine. The wood cabinet, porcelain cookware, ceramic tiles and the weathered-door in the background set a perfect mood, as the golden-yellow took care of  brightening up  the space.


Fine Details

The wall bordering was a fun and interesting detail.  The simple geometric stencil pattern adds  such a vibrant effect because of the beautiful mix of orange, turquoise, gray and black colors!


The house was filled with some spectacular paintings and sculptures of Susan Luppino, a well know American artist and the mother of the B&B owner. Even a little hand-painted entry door to a bedroom added so much character and charm to this space.

 Tuscan-Style_Aegam_Interior_Design6   Tuscan-Style_Aegam_Interior_Design5

Did you like the photo tour of the Tuscan home? Let me know if you are inspired to add some elements of Tuscan style & decor to your own space.

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