The Magic of Remodeling

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It’s easy to instantly fall in love with a brand new space. We can envision beautiful elements to add to it. But often it’s difficult to imagine an old run-down space into a place we would love to live in. But at Aegam we love Remodeling old spaces.  So much that an ugly-looking interiors is what inspires us the most. It is where we can use all our creativity to turn them into ravishingly beautiful spaces.  Remodeling gives us an opportunity to wow our clients in a very special way.

We are happy to showcase our Chennai apartment remodeling here, with some interesting before and after photo-compares!


It was a narrow space with bare-minimum counter top and old subway tiles for the back-splash. We wanted to transform it into an updated modern kitchen that’s both aesthetically appealing and functional.

Kitchen + Pantry  Before Remodeling - Aegam Interior Design Chennai

All through the remodeling we kept in mind that in most Indian households the kitchen space is used to cook at-least 3 meals a day and someone spends a minimum of 3 to 5 hours there, cooking and cleaning. So our top priority was to absolutely cater to all the needs and functionalities; ample storage, good ventilation,  big counter space and large enough sink space to do the vessels. As with the color scheme, the mantra was to keep the colors neutral and light and make the small space appear bigger and feel airy and fresh!

Aegam_Kitchen__AFTER Remodeling - Aegam Interior Design Chennai


To be honest, the existing living room had no LIFE!  It was a very ordinary, outdated, boring space. Scroll below to see for yourself  the unbelievable make-over we gave to this room:

Before Pic- Living Room Remodeling - Aegam Interior Design Chennai

We didn’t just add life to it, we brought a whole lot of fun and excitement to the space with our Uber-Modern Tangerine-Gray color scheme!

Aegam_Living_Room_Contemporary Remodeling - Aegam Interior Design Chennai


It’s a sin if your Master bedroom is looking like the one below! :)

Before Pic- Master Bedroom Remodeling - Aegam Interior Design Chennai

Bedrooms should relax your body, mind and soul and give the much needed rest. It should have elements in it that excite your senses. Here is a room that looks pleasant and calming. Cool hemp-green, neutral browns and some hints of blue colors spruce up this space.

Aegam_Bedroom_Contemporary Remodeling - Aegam Interior Design Chennai

And then there was an extra room that they wanted to be converted into a toddler bedroom. When you look at the room below, are you seeing a cool kid’s room there? No…? We did!

Kids Room_Before Remodeling - Aegam Interior Design Chennai

And we gave the little girl a Chic, Functional and Cheerful  kid’s room with everything she wanted to have in her space!

Aegam_Kids_Bedroom Remodeling - Aegam Interior Design Chennai

We thoroughly enjoyed remodeling this apartment. What do you think about the transformation we gave to this space? Share your thoughts and let us know your feedback!

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