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We provide you with the most efficient ways to utilize the available space, in ways unimaginable and without compromising elegance & beauty. You can always expect us to think out of the box to create a functional and beautiful space, that is fluid enough to suit your lifestyle.


A fresh coat of paint in the right color can breathe new life into an old or tired looking space. You will feel right at home with us whether you need a little help getting the color right, or you need us to do a full rainbow. We have always been proud of our color choices, and we will make you proud as well!


Furniture selections can be tricky. After all, there are so many kinds of them – Big , small, contemporary or antique. Moreover, the ones you like don’t fit into the space or the ones that fit are not for your liking. We understand the in and outs of furniture – be it the materials or the craftsmanship they belong to.


Art & Accessories are the finishing touches of color, texture and shape. We can help you show off your personal style by showcasing the right art and accessories. To let in a secret, we know how to get those exotic accessories here locally, nationally or internationally! sshhhhh!


The most functional and key space of a house is the most neglected. Most architects and builders allocate their least attention to Kitchen & Bath, leaving the job to the specialists to liven it up.  With years of experience in  western cultures, we specialize in designing exotic Kitchens/Baths that suit your lifestyle.


As a country, we may be on of the largest exporters of fabric to the world, but yet our backyard screams for help. Rarely you see homes that have tastefully designed and fitted fabric. Use our expertise in choosing Fabric for furniture upholstery, curtains, bed linens and Window Treatments to liven up your moods.


Think your house is too old to be revamped? Think again. With our Home Styling Services, you can transform any old space into a vibrant beautiful retreat chic with modern amenities and style. With us, your space will never look or feel old.


Model Homes are as important as the location of the property or the builder’s brand. We design and deliver beautiful yet functional model homes within budget and time for builders and developers  to promote their property.


Gone are the days when you could sell or rent your property with real estate brokers or online postings. With so much of properties available in the market, it is getting difficult to attract the right buyers. Use our home staging services to get your property sell itself!


At Aegam we stop at nothing to make a rundown space to look like million bucks. With our international experience in remodeling, give some much needed special love to your existing space to enjoy it for more years to come! Remodeling also boosts your property’s value in the market.


We are passionate in helping small business owners set up a uniquely charming business spaces. Half the battle of running a business is won, when you have a space that invites & inspires your stakeholders – be it your employees or customers. We understand spaces, and we use that understanding to your advantage.


To start well is to finish well. Are you in the process of building your Dream Home? Incorporate all your interior needs into the building plan by having your personal designer work with your Architect/Engineer right from the beginning to ensure you get all your functional and aesthetic needs addressed

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