Nature Inspired Color Schemes

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I have always heard choosing colors for your home from paint to fabric is one of the most daunting experience.  Why wouldn’t it be? With your eye’s capacity to distinguish about 10 million colors(really!) and having to go through the never ending swatches from different companies, it sure could stress you out.

Don’t worry, there is a fun way of choosing colors too. Nature is one place where everything exist in perfect harmony, and if you look close enough you would be amazed at how so many beautiful colors are mixed in perfect proportion. I randomly selected some amazing macro photography pictures of a caterpillar, flower, gecko and a bird to show the intricate usage of colors and how they work so well together naturally. I also placed alongside room designs from various interior designers(They are simply photos of rooms with similar color combinations) to give you an idea of what the nature inspired color schemes could look like.

Below is the picture of a Zebra Caterpillar, with its brilliant display of  yellow, grays, black and white on it.  The grays and the white tone down the stark contrast of yellow and black, thus bringing balance to the usage of a strong color like yellow.

Yellow Grey Color Scheme1

src: – photo by Jimmy Hoffman         

This macro shot of a colorful flower on the right shows how pastel turquoise and yellow with a blend of whites make it so easy on your eyes. This composition feels very pleasant, light and airy. That’s exactly the same vibe that comes out of the room’s decor.

Turquoise-White Scheme

src: – MeLissa Stolte           

Below is a close-up shot of a Gecko’s eye. It reveals how blotches of orange nestled between grays and white brings out a bright and interesting pattern. You could notice the asymmetry in the placement of orange over the weave of gray and white, even within the limited space.  The ultra modern room depicted next to it is inline with the color and smart usage of geometric patterns to bring visual interest to a small space.

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src: – by Alan M          

Finally, in the picture of the bird below you are witnessing a stunning display of two rich dominant colors Blue and Orange.  Its the position of the whites that makes these colors more interesting.  There are also various tones of blue along the birds body. In the bedroom picture alongside  you could see how white is used in the bed, window shades, ceiling and door trims adding visual interest to the bright orange and blue colors used in the room.

Interior Design Chennai, Aegam, Aegam Chennai, Home Styling India, Home Styling Chennai,Color Schemes


When I was in design school as my professor was teaching me color theory I took notes of all the different color schemes Analogous, Complimentary, Split-Complimentary,Triad,etc., I was making sure I will remember the rules and apply them whenever I am choosing a color scheme. But in the long run, as much as I appreciate a methodical approach I solely use it as a guiding principle. I love it when the home owners see the vision behind the color choices emerging from a source that’s so organic. Hence I use the nature inspired color schemes as an alternative approach to help them see eye-to-eye with the designer’s color selection process.

How would you feel about choosing your color palette from the Nature?

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