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As someone who misses the old architectural detailing in the new age concrete buildings, I came across this one wickedly talented, smart lady Hemalatha Venkatraman(goes by ‘Hemu’) who takes the time and effort to highlight this beauty of old Madras Architecture. She caught my attention when I was scouting for an artist to capture the beauty of old Madras for one of our projects. Hemu is passionate about old heritage buildings and does live-sketches in Chennai & all around India. Below are some of her beautiful live-sketches:


Madras Central Railway Station


Valluvar Kottam

Royapettah Old house 1939 live sketch      Royapettah-Old-house-1939


Pilot theatre- On site picture      Pilot-Theatre-live-sketch

Pilot Theater

I met with this vibrant young artist, and here is what she had to say about her work:

DSC_1004“I predominantly work with pen and ink, watercolours and sketch-pens. Currently, my interests lie in creating a series of character sketches from Hindu Mythology and site sketches from the places I travel to alongside mindless doodling. In particular, I am currently indulged in doing a series of live sketches from various important heritage spots in Madras. It’s titled the Madras Series or The Madras Catalogue. I go to a building of heritage importance and sketch the building on-site. I do this because I as an architect enjoy the beauty in buildings and the urban fabric of the city. I simply attempt to cause public awareness by picking one building at a time and give a brief history of the same so that more and more people will realize its significance. I am also working on an ‘India Series’ in similar lines, which is currently under wraps. And also excited about the  series of art prints and postcards that I intend on releasing soon”

Art is a huge part of interior design. We at Aegam strive to include original artworks as part of our design and appreciate & recognize talented artists in every possible way. We wish Hemu the very best in following her passion and are excited to use her artwork in our upcoming projects. If you love her work, below are some links to follow: 

Hemu’s Art blog, FacebookInstagram:  hemuvenkat  Twitter @hemuvenkat

P.S : In the Hindu Mythology category, this is one of my favorite! 


‘Breaking bad with Shiva’- Wall mural done by Hemu

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