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We met her first at the Makers Market in Chennai. With a smile so vibrant and proud, there stood a true artist showcasing a unique mix of handcrafted gifts. Swaathi Wudali, the founder and owner of Wudworks is the kind of talent we come across and instantly know the purpose of going to such events is met.

Aegam is always looking to support small businesses and artisans by giving them the much needed platform to showcase their talent. We are happy to feature Swaathi’s work and excited to share the story on what made her take the entrepreneurial route.


They say a messy desk is the sign of a creative genius and Swaathi Wudali is no exception to the rule.In the paint scented sun lit corner of her apartment in Chennai is a busy artist bringing her ideas to life. Orders pour in as the young entrepreneur pours her heart out in making meaningful art. The gift-shop-with-a-twist, Wud Works is Swaathi’s dream come true.

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An architect turned media professional, creativity has been her identity since childhood. Swaathi’s tryst with handmade gifts began in her school days when every occasion called for something different. She knew the disappointment of finding a laughing buddha or white dove in a box. Gifts that would be thrown in the attic, lie lifeless in a shelf or be recycled on somebody else’s birthday. This motivated her to make her own gifts that were functional and relevant to the receiver. With a keen eye for detail and crafty palms, she made little masterpieces for her loved ones. Friends and family would look forward to her thoughtful presents wrapped with love and perfection. Soon, she became the talk of the town and the most invited guest to every party.

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Swaathi’s passion for custom made gifts finally saw the light of the day with her venture, Wud Works. She owes her success to a strong home team and supportive group of friends who’ve cheered for her at every step of her entrepreneurial journey. Her quirky home decor and personalized stationery showcase her versatility as an artist. Swaathi’s exhibitions have been a huge hit with the young and older generation alike ! A true Chennaite in every sense of the word, Swaathi’s work is a beautiful blend of cultural and contemporary elements. The city is her muse and an inseparable part of her Utilitarian art. The latest product on her catalogue – a mini golu padi stands testimony to the unique character of her start up.

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As you can see, Swaathi specializes in timeless clocks and invaluable jewelry boxes. We loved her talent of using high contrast pop up colors in almost every piece, making it a stunning stand out when you add them to your home decor. Customers can choose from a wide range of gifting options or have their ideas made to order. If you’re looking for handmade wonder gifts that fit your budget but exceed your expectations, order away at Wud Works today!

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/wudworks

Instagram: @Wud_Works

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