Rustic Tuscan home decor

May 29, 2015 by in category Blog

I was fortunate to relish in the true beauty of Tuscan decor and architecture during our recent Euro Trip.  We stayed in this beautiful bed and breakfast(Chiesa San Michele) on top of a hill surrounded by vineyards and olive farm in Florence, Italy.  So what makes Tuscan decor so amazing? Take a photo tour of this beautiful house and indulge […]

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Why do you need well-designed interiors?

May 7, 2015 by in category Blog

We now live in a world that keeps everyone busy and stressed almost all the time. Many factors contribute to it; extended work hours, financial needs, nuclear families, population, traffic congestion, resource scarcity, this list can go on! Amidst all this chaos and madness every person can find some solace only if the environment they spend […]

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Chettinad Handmade tiles

April 15, 2015 by in category Blog

For many years, I have been enticed by the beauty of old Chettinad homes. Not just the grandeur, but its all the intricate details in every nook and corner of the buildings that made me fall in love with this architecture. From the painted glass windows to teak pillars, to carved rosewood doors and most of all [...]

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Nature Inspired Color Schemes

March 31, 2015 by in category Blog

I have always heard choosing colors for your home from paint to fabric is one of the most daunting experience.  Why wouldn’t it be? With your eye’s capacity to distinguish about 10 million colors(really!) and having to go through the never ending swatches from different companies, it sure could stress you out. Don’t worry, there […]

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Get Savvy With Plant Decor!

March 15, 2015 by in category Blog

Decoration doesn’t always mean using man-made items to fill your space and create great ambiance.  Personally I love including natural elements in a design.  What is more simple than to bring in some plants and adding life and greenery to your indoors?  And what if I say you could do more than just decorate but […]

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The ‘World’ of Light Fixtures

March 1, 2015 by in category Blog

Light Fixtures are one of the important elements in design. They make a huge impact on the mood you like to create in the space and keep your design theme coherent. Fixtures come in different forms: Ceiling Mount – Chandeliers, Pendant Lights, Recess Light;  Wall Mount – Sconces & Lanterns; Table & Floor lamps.  And choosing […]

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