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To best explain my feelings for Accent chair, I should simply admit I am an addict.  Accent chairs come in all shapes, sizes and colors; I love them in every form! They make themselves a very interesting  focal point in any furniture arrangement.  To be absolutely honest, I am tired of the outdated “matchy-matchy  three-seater with single/two-seater” setup in a living room. Just the addition of  bold accent chairs would completely break the monotony and take the look and effect a notch up!

Check out the drama that different accent chairs add to the living rooms below:

Living3       Living4Living5

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Best of all, the accent chairs can make for an amazing, comfy reading chair. Not only it creates a visually interesting spot in a usually neglected corner of your house, it also makes you want to unwind into the coziness created by the setup.

Yellow Turquoise      Reading    Reading4

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Also, if you want to re-imagine your dining table that comes with a set of similar looking chairs, here’s what adding accent chairs could do to change-up the look:

Dining    Dining3

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You could bring them into your bedroom to provide for some super stylish seating within.


If you love the idea of adding personality to your seating, accent chairs are the best way to do it! You could go for a store-bought unique piece, or even paint over your existing wicker chair in a beautiful color and voila, you got your absolutely gorgeous conversation piece!

Bohemian          Wicker

Image source 1 2

Finally, a few tips on how to choose the best accent chairs:

  • Keep in mind the overall style of your room and other furniture pieces in it.
  • Placement of these accent chairs is the key for the look and effect.
  • Size matters! Always remember the scale of all the furniture to the room and choose appropriately sized chairs.
  • Consider the use and choose if the chair should be comfy,sleek or over-sized.

Hope I have left you with a craving to add a few accent chairs to your space, feel free to ask any questions you may have!

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  • Vinodh Lakshman
    on September 28, 2015 Reply

    Hey, just wanted to say a hi, the overall design concepts of all your designs looks inviting and I see a lot of color play,interesting. I get a feel of slight Caribbean style. Great work and it’s looks refreshing. And by the way, would you mind where to find these kind of accent chairs in chennai?

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