At Aegam, a specialty Interior Design Company operating from Chennai, we love transforming spaces into something extra-ordinary in every possible dimension. We offer a comprehensive range of interior design and furnishing solutions for luxurious residential and commercial spaces. We are committed to providing our clients with a unique design that’s tailor made to suit every bit of their taste, lifestyle and personality. We will be your personal design advocate to work with architects, vendors and contractors and implement the design that fits all your functional and aesthetic needs and completed to perfection!

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Sudha Seenivasan

Executive Director

Sudha is known for her unconventional and unique approach to design. A Rutgers university certified Interior Designer, with a strong corporate background & ethics, Sudha draws her inspiration from all over the world – be it contemporary, traditional, modern or chic.  Her love for art, photography, sketching, travel and technology makes her incredibly good at every design choice.

She has a knack to pick up what clients mean more than what they say. Be it a design style or a piece of art, or furniture, she has been able to wow a number of her clients in North America by bringing their thought to reality in their homes. Sudha’s design philosophy always has been – “It’s not my style, It’s yours; I only perfect it with my expertise”. Every home that she designed, decorated or furnished, always reflects the soul and personalities of the owners!

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